Race Car


A serial port is provided on TS200 Timestoppers shipped since December 2004.   The serial port can be used to show race results on a computer screen.

The specifications for the port (e.g. COM1:) are as follows:

                    9600 baud, 8 bits, no parity and one stop bit.

An interconnection cable (a straight-through extension cable, not a NULL-Modem cable) can be purchased from the TIMESTOPPER web site.

The following is a description of the information that will be seen on the computer screen.

At turn on, there is a Timestopper Sign On message indicating the Software Version being used.

When the timer is ready to time a race, a READY message will be seen.   At the end of the race, the results will be indicated as follows:

For this example, assume that you have a five lane unit and that the finish is 5,4,3,2,1:

                    Lane 5           2.345     Winner

                    Lane 4           3.456     Place

                    Lane 3           4.567     Show

                    Lane 2           5.678

                    Lane 1           6.789

      If a lane fails to finish in the allotted time (approximately 9 seconds) the message would be as follows:

                    Lane x           0.000     Failed to finish.

The front panel RESET/LaneSelector pushbutton is still available to select results for all active lanes.

A RESET function is also available through the serial port.   Typing the letter "r" or "R" will Reset the timer in the same manner as holding down the front panel RESET/LaneSelector pushbutton for several seconds.